A Word From Management


We are happy to announce SunCrest Stone has filled nearly every backorder caused by the COVID-19 crisis and our company’s relocation to Fitzgerald, GA. This is very important, as we employ “on-time production” for our stone products to deliver the best-looking stone.

When you order our high-quality stone, it’s at that time we put your order into production. We warehouse only a small inventory of your stone after you order. Now, there are a number of reasons for this: When the stone is made, there are slight variations in color patterns making it impractical to stock large quantities. That’s what makes it unique! We strive for a two to four week turnaround time on average but some orders we can get out the same if we have it on the floor.

Like nearly all manufacturing businesses, we’ve have had our share of difficulties in these trying times. Due to the Governor’s order in Georgia at the start of the pandemic, we were shut down for nearly 4 weeks. The city of Ashburn, GA actually sent a Sheriff out to make us cease production!

With that said, once we commenced production and later relocated, we continued to and deliver the best stone in the industry. It’s what we are doing right now! At the same time continuing to improve delivery times and further innovation. We are continuing product improvement and developing new innovating products such as our light weight (LW) product line which we had put on hold due to the relocation and the virus.

SunCrest Stone would like to extend a special thanks to our loyal distributors who have stayed with us through all this, and their builder customers who appreciate the value added using our stone veneer to create a great looking product and to increase value.

And also, to our staff and employees for their continued work ethic and loyalty. For without them, there would be no SunCrest Stone Products. All of our stone products are made right here in the USA.


From all of us at SunCrest,
T H A N K    Y O U


Last updated April 20, 2021