Earn Extra Money

Do you know someone who works just as hard as you do? Do they need a good job? We are rewarding our employees with an extra $50.00 on their paycheck for referring an employee to us. To qualify, we must hire the person you referred and they must be with our company for at least 90 Days. After that, you’ll see an extra boost on your next check.

Are you interested?

Here are the rules: The person you refer must give us your name as a referral during the hiring process. Your name must be given to Russel or Ricky to qualify for the bonus. You can only be eligible for this bonus one (1) time. Referring multiple people will not award additional bonuses. The person you refer must not have ever worked for or with SunCrest previously.

Please see Ricky or Russel if you have any questions — This is starting immediately!

Last updated September 16, 2019