Take Care of Your Stone

Our precast concrete products are made to look like real stone and cleaning is simple. We recommend using a mild dish washing detergent. Never use any product with bleach, acid, or special additives — and no pressure washing. Manufactured stone veneer should be cleaned lightly every 3 months.

Cleaning in 4 Easy Steps

  • Mix approximately  1 Cup (8 ounces) of mild dish washing detergent (no bleach, no acid, no special additives) into 3 gallons of warm or hot water.
  • Rinse stone veneer siding with plain water to remove small debris.
  • Scrub dirty areas with a medium bristle cleaning brush.
  • Repeat (once dry) if dirt or debris persist. Do not pressure wash.

Do you want the unique stone look without the hassle of real stone?

Our stone veneer siding products are easy to install and simple to ship. Take a look at our stone profiles and contact us if you need any information or want to order.
Our products are made in Georgia, USA!

DID YOU KNOW? You do not need to typically clean your manufactured stone siding frequently. If your exterior stone siding has dirt, mud, or debris, simply rinsing with plain water will often clean the surface without scrubbing. If you need to clean your interior stone veneer accents, simply wipe your inside stone finishes with a damp cloth using plain water.

DID YOU KNOW? If your stone veneer siding was recently installed, you may still have excess mortar on the surface of your stone. Installation mortar should be brushed away as the stone veneer is installed. To clean up excess mortar dust, simply use plain water.

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